Hydromea demonstrates exciting new products at Ocean Business 2017

Hydromea will be showcasing its swarm-capable Vertex AUV along with the LUMA250LP optical modem, a Mini FT-07 fast temperature sensor/logger and the DiskDrive underwater thruster.

The LUMA 250LP is a very compact (only 100 x 50 x 40mm) optical modem for fast underwater communication, up to 250kbit/sec, down to 6000m depth. Its very low standby power consumption makes it ideal for battery-powered infrastructure and video-streaming for mini-ROVs.

A Mini FT-07 fast temperature sensor/logger is on display as well as a running DiskDrive thruster. Hydromea dramatically increased DiskDrive’s performance, quadrupling the thrust compared to last year’s model.

Hydromea are exhibiting at Ocean Business on stand A8.

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