Hydromea launches the new LUMA 500ER, the future in affordable high-speed, wireless subsea connectivity

9 April 2019 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Hydromea is unveiling its new subsea wireless communication node LUMA 500ER at Ocean Business 2019 in Southampton on 9th-11th April. The LUMA 500ER can beam data at up to 500 kb/s with a 120 degree angle over 50 meters underwater in no time.  It has 2x the bandwidth and 10x the range of…

Hydromea’s LUMA wireless system provides real-time data during the installation of a wellhead foundation in a TOTAL drilling project

Hydromea’s LUMA, a wireless high-speed underwater communication system, was successfully deployed by Rever Offshore during an installation of a subsea wellhead foundation for Total drilling in the North Sea in February 2019. LUMA was integrated with Ashtead Technology’s AMS+ (Autonomous Monitoring System) as a primary data telemetry modem to allow real-time data to be sent topside and displayed on a…

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