Do you have a passion for ocean exploration? 
Do you want to be part of a team on the quest to further our understanding of the oceans? 
Do you dream of working in a fun environment with a cutting edge technology spanning between sophisticated robotics and complex computer systems?

Hydromea makes the subsea world more autonomous, affordable and accessible with miniaturized robotics and wireless communication technologies.

We are a deep-tech company in all senses of the word, some of our products are deployed at the depths of 6’000 meters below the water surface.

Joining our team doesn’t just mean getting a job.  It means that you will be a critical part of an exciting journey to build autonomous robots that provide the industries with vital access and data flow that significantly improve the understanding and reduce the costs of activities underwater.  Most importantly, you will be on a quest to take human risks in the hostile subsea environment to zero. 

We are currently building our team and are seeking…

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