Hydromea pioneers subsea access with portable underwater robotics and through-water wireless communication technologies.

Hydromea is at the end of an exciting journey at TechX, the top energy accelerator based in Aberdeen, hosted by the Oil & Gas Technology Center (OGTC). Over 16 weeks Hydromea and 11 other startups have been benefiting from an unfair advantage with world-class workshops, seminars and extensive access to the industry experts across the entire upstream value chain within…

Our CTO Felix Schill presents at “Leonardo at 500” in the British Library

On 26 July 2019 our CTO Felix Schill gave a presentation on “How will robotics shape the future of Ocean Exploration?”. The presentation was part of the “Leonardo at 500” event taking place at the British Library in London, UK. His presentation explores how the efficient use of swarms of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) can push the boundary of ocean…

Hydromea launches the new LUMA 500ER, the future in affordable high-speed, wireless subsea connectivity

9 April 2019 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Hydromea is unveiling its new subsea wireless communication node LUMA 500ER at Ocean Business 2019 in Southampton on 9th-11th April. The LUMA 500ER can beam data at up to 500 kb/s with a 120 degree angle over 50 meters underwater in no time.  It has 2x the bandwidth and 10x the range of…

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