Brushless, hub-less, almost part-less… And not least importantly – oil-free. The novel patented ultra-slim thruster is the future of all compact moving vehicles on and in water.

DISKDRIVE™ is an ultra-slim (15 mm thickness) rim-driven brushless thruster with and without integrated motor control.  The hub-less propeller prevents it from getting tangled. The thruster will easily navigate through floating debris such as pieces of water plants or ropes. Our patented design is pressure-proof without seals, hydro-lubricated and oil free. Its thin size makes it ideal for low-drag vertical stabilisation thruster applications, as well as small vehicles where space is limited.

DD-C series feature an integrated motor controller that uses advanced sinusoidal drive algorithms to improve efficiency and smooth operation. Precise and fast speed control enables accurate attitude control of the submarine.

The simple design allows a user to exchange propellers quickly without any special tools. The thruster can be scaled up for more demanding thrust requirements. The design of the thruster allows for modular installations that can immediately provide a user with double the power without any additional development.



Hub-less propeller

Low-profile design






Leisure water vehicles

Deep-sea actuators

Stabilisation thrusters for small ROVs / AUVs

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Any sensor-less electronic motor controller (EMC) with the right voltage/current rating should be suitable.

The propeller ring can be easily replaced without tools within a few seconds. By pushing against the blades very close to where they are attached to the ring, the two magnet rings can be pushed apart. The propeller ring can then be replaced.

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