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We are a young Swiss company with a strong growth, disrupting the world of underwater robotics with the focus on miniaturization, affordability and scale. We develop our own underwater inspection drone platform that has a number of unique technologies, all conceived within the company over the last few years, and we are scaling up production of multiple products. We are looking for an

Full Stack Developer

to help us build a scalable IT infrastructure for managing our production, quality control and fulfillment systems. Due to the highly specialised needs of our production workflows, we need customised database interfaces to capture material flows, capture and archive QC test data, and automate process procedures. You will be developing a database architecture, and distributed microservices throughout the production and fulfillment environment. Additionally, you will develop user interfaces for internal use, as well as customer-facing web interfaces to access inspection data captured by our underwater robots.

You will be part of a dynamic company in a fast-growing robotics sector. This is an exciting challenge for someone who is passionate about building software systems from the ground up.  You will be responsible for the development and ongoing improvement of the company’s IT infrastructure, and the user-facing software of our robotic systems. This versatile job carries high level of autonomy and decision making.

Your Responsibilities

  • building a database infrastructure for production processes, inventory and ERP

  • design and implement microservices to support automated capture of quality control test data, interface with measurement and control systems

  • design and implement data management tools for robotic underwater inspection (post-mission data processing)

  • setting up servers and cloud infrastructure, data storage and backup solutions

  • design and implement user interfaces (web apps & stand-alone desktop apps)

  • Continuously focus on improving processes and workflows

  • Support wider team as necessary

  • Other tasks that are deemed suitable in collaboration with the team, under consideration of current company activities, your experience and skill profile.

The Best Candidate Would Have

  • Programming skills in Python, JavaScript, SQL, C++

  • Knowledge of common software frameworks and techniques (e.g. SQLalchemy, Flask or similar, REST, docker, …)

  • Demonstrated experience in Linux/Unix system administration, Docker, SQL servers, understanding of server security and system maintenance

  • Experience in UI programming (Qt/PyQt on desktop, JavaScript, common web frameworks)

  • Experience interfacing with sensors/embedded systems a plus (e.g. via serial port, devices such as data loggers, arduino or similar, barcode scanner, …)

  • Android app development experience is a plus

  • Fluent communication in English

  • Demonstrated “can do” entrepreneurial attitude through experience, who can persevere in achieving goals consistently

  • Excelling at multitasking and prioritization

  • Willingness to travel for tests and deployments

Hydromea builds a team that values autonomy and thorough leadership. Every day, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to solving challenging problems. We all work together, and each voice is important to move forward. We look for people with high passion for deep-tech products and love in their profession. We provide a lot of freedom to create spectacular things that will inspire you and make others around you inspired.

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