Ashtead Technology enters into a global partnership with Hydromea

Ashtead Technology enters into a global partnership with Hydromea International subsea equipment solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has entered into a global rental partnership with Switzerland-based Hydromea, the innovative subsea wireless access provider. Under the deal, Ashtead Technology will actively promote and use Hydromea’s LUMA™ high-speed through-water wireless optical modems as an integral part of its AMS+ and DMS (Autonomous &…

Hydromea unveils the world’s first wireless compact underwater drone providing live HD video feedback

11 May 2021 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Hydromea unveiled the prototype of world’s first wireless underwater drone in a pool demo today. The drone can fit into a backpack, can be remotely controlled, and sends HD video back in real time without any physical connection to the pilot. The drone will deliver significant benefits in a number of inspection scenarios…

Swiss Underwater Robotics Start-Up Secures an Industry Grant in a Project With TOTAL E&P UK

October 15, 2020 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Hydromea, a Lausanne-based EPFL start-up is awarded undisclosed grant funding from Scotland-based Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) in a co-development multi-year project with Total E&P UK. The funding will accelerate the development of Hydromea underwater autonomous inspection robots, enabling onsite asset integrity inspections of submerged infrastructure. Founded in 2014 as an EPFL…

Hydromea launches the most advanced wireless underwater optical modem LUMA X – the future in affordable high-speed, wireless subsea connectivity

October 8, 2020 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Hydromea is launching its new patent-pending subsea wireless communication modem LUMA X. The LUMA X can beam data using light at up to 10 Mbit/s with a 120 degree cone. With that, the LUMA X enables real-time streaming of HD-quality video and 4K images wirelessly through water – allowing the operators of autonomous…

Hydromea trials optical communication with EPFL for lake research

Today Hydromea is front and center of the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) web site. The occasion is a recent collaboration between Hydromea and APHYS where we demonstrated the capability of our LUMA optical modem to download data from a submerged data logger. Here is a link to the full article and here is the video report.

Hydromea is top 100 Marine Technology Company

Hydromea continues to be in the top 100 Marine Technology companies in 2020 according to Marine Technology Reporter that has just been published. We are proud to be amongst the best well-established names in the industry that continue to bring innovation into the market.

ECO magazine rates Hydromea a TOP 10 Ocean Influencer

ECO magazine rewarded Hydromea for their successful LUMA modem by awarding them a spot in the “Innovation” category. Click here for a short summary and the full issue featuring Hydromea is available by clicking on the magazine cover below.

Subsea Tech’s “March of Miniaturization”

From 1 to 3 October 2019 the Underwater Intervention Drone Technology Demonstration took place in Tau near Stavanger, Norway. Many of the technologies demonstrated at this event showed a new way in subsea technology where compact and affordable systems open new opportunities. A growing battalion of small, compact systems is marching in on the subsea world, in some ways making…

Swiss Tech Start-Up Secures funding for Innovative Underwater Drone

A Lausanne-based start-up has secured private investor funding to boost the development of their products, including a high-tech submarine drone that will reduce fatalities in dangerous underwater operations. EPFL spin-off Hydromea, which specialises in portable and autonomous robotics and wireless communication underwater, has raised undisclosed amount in convertible loans as part of a CHF1.4 million seed round. Founded in 2014,…

AGEFI features Hydromea

AGEFI, the leading business publication of Western Switzerland featured Hydromea in their 16 October 2019 print issue as well as one their web site (french).

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