LUMA 500ER optical communication node

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LUMA 500ER long-range optical communication node is perfect for underwater infrastructure, AUV data harvesting, subsea networks and bottom to surface data upload

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LUMA 500ER optical communication node

The Hydromea LUMA 500ER optical communication node combines outstanding performance and energy efficiency in a very compact form factor. Optical communication offers superior data rates, low latency and lower power requirements compared to acoustic modems. This makes it the perfect choice for applications such as wireless video transmission, data download from submerged sensors and data loggers, as well as wireless interfacing between ROVs/AUVs and deep-sea infrastructure.

The LUMA 500ER has an outstanding communication range on a very low power budget. The maximum range is achieved in dark conditions (night-time, or deep sea) and clear water.

The software-configurable serial cable interface can be set to RS232 or RS485, which makes the LUMA 500ER the ideal drop-in replacement for cabled connections in many existing systems.


Ultra-compact and low weight

Ultra-low power sleep mode with optical wake-up with less than 10mW

High speed data transfer

Low latency of a data link

Four transmission power levels:
2 – 5 W

Wide supply voltage range

Minimal multi-path distortion

Encryption of data link, ad-hoc networking (optical, on request)

120-degree beam cone

High tolerance to ambient light

6000m depth rated

Infinitely programmable
for mesh networks and more


Data download from submerged sensor platforms (landers)

Wireless interfacing between ROVs/AUVs and deep sea infrastructure

Continuous monitoring

Construction data relay

Water to air connectivity without cables (splash zones)

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 cm
Supply voltage:

12 – 36 V


RS232 / RS485

Depth rating:

6000 m (on request)


SubConn MCIL6M (or as requested)


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