VERTEX™ – the most sophisticated and portable autonomous underwater drone swarm to deliver stunning 3D detail of water volume at a 10 to 100x less of a cost of traditional methods

Getting high resolution and timely data underwater still remains a challenge today largely because satellites cannot penetrate the surface of water, making water not accessible to remote monitoring like air.  While some progress has been made with surface vehicles, current technologies for measurement and collection of data underwater are largely inefficient, bulky and costly.

This significantly limits our understanding of the ocean and estuary environments, its spatial and temporal changes are hard to detect and analyze with spot measurements or single vehicles.

Our goal is to obtain 3D in-situ data instead of just a single measurement, and to do it faster, cheaper and easier than traditional profiling. The only way to get temporally consistent snapshots across a water volume is to deploy as many sensors in parallel as possible.

Our drones are designed to carry these sensors to where they need to be and efficiently scan a body of water simultaneously collecting thousands of data points.  Our proprietary acoustic hardware and dynamic algorithms complete the Vertex system that can be deployed in tens or even hundreds.  The ocean is the limit.


Up to 8 hours of autonomy

Advanced swarm communication

Modular design

Multiple sensor payload

Infinitely scalable

Smart precise localization technology



Dredging, Dams & Delta Management

Water Column Surveying & Mapping

Offshore Energy

Scientific & Exploration Measurements

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Hydromea teaser intro

Hydromea under ice

Hydromea & EPFL Lago Cadagno 2017 Campaign

Hydromea - AUV first dive

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