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Many subsea construction operations require real time data access to enable informed decision to be made during the installation phase. The reliability of data communications with monitoring systems is critical to this type of operation. Ashtead Technology successfully integrated Hydromea’s LUMA optical nodes with its AMS+ (autonomous monitoring system) and DMS (deflection monitoring system), which are systems regularly used to monitor structure installation operations.

Hydromea’s LUMA, wireless high-speed underwater communication nodes, were successfully deployed by Rever Offshore during an installation of a subsea wellhead foundation for Total drilling in the North Sea in February 2019.

LUMA was integrated with Ashtead Technology’s AMS+ (Autonomous Monitoring System) as a primary data telemetry modem to allow real-time data to be sent topside and displayed on a computer with remarkably low latency. Conventionally underwater displays and/ or acoustic modems are used to acquire the data from the DMS and AMS+. With the integration of the Hydromea LUMA optical modem, the data rate, immediate response and reliability of communication were significantly improved over acoustics.

“The low power capability and high speed of data transfer to the topside puts LUMA as an absolute winner in wireless data transfer solutions. It proves to be a much better alternative to acoustics and manual underwater display readouts. Our ROV team was able to get a reliable signal up to 8 meters away from the structure without any loss in data bandwidth with LUMA-250LP. We will certainly be adding LUMA into our procedures for future projects. The system contributes to improved accuracy and speed, which is of tremendous value during complex construction projects.” Philip Strettle-Brown, Chief Surveyor, Rever Offshore

Ashtead is using LUMA in the following types of projects, among others:

  1. Jacket installation (O&G and renewables)

  2. Template positioning and installation

  3. Subsea pipeline connection

  4. Pipeline pressure testing and commissioning

  5. Monopile installation and positioning

  6. Drilling guide base installation

  7. Subsea structural monitoring (attitude, vibration, stress)

  8. Subsea asset integrity monitoring

  9. Subsea riser monitoring

  10. Subsea environmental monitoring

  11. Subsea autonomous visual monitoring

  12. Subsea remote visual monitoring

Founded in 2014, Hydromea is a Swiss-based deep-tech company delivering solutions that allow customers to have unparalleled access to the subsea data. Ultra-fast and high-volume real-time data transfer and harvesting bring a paradigm shift in our quest to explore the ocean and understand its impact on subsea economy.


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