We are a Swiss-based company with core expertise in underwater robotics, through-water wireless communication networks and underwater navigation. We have started this journey back in Australia over 15 years ago where we put together our first portable underwater drone, Serafina. Years later we found home in Lausanne, Switzerland, the cradle of fine manufacturing.

Having a passion for ocean exploration and how big data is changing the world around us, we quickly realized that there is still a significant gap in our understanding of the oceans. Hydromea develops products and solutions that allow customers to have autonomous high-speed and high-volume subsea data access in real-time. We render cables obsolete, make previously prohibitively expensive projects affordable and keep humans away from risky jobs by combining autonomous robotics and wireless communication network systems. This presents a paradigm shift in affordability and speed of subsea data access. Importantly, it takes human risks to zero.

The Founding Team

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Igor Martin, CEO

Igor has over 15 years of corporate business management experience in a Fortune 100 company. Prior to joining Hydromea, he ran a $40mln global biocides business, responsible for its P&L and all aspects of the сompany (Strategy, M&A, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Regulatory and Operations). Igor has an MBA from St. Louis University.

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Felix Schill, CTO

Felix is an expert in real-time systems, ad-hoc communication networks, aerial and underwater robotics, and also has extensive experience in designing and building electronics, embedded systems, rapid manufacturing/3D printing, composite manufacturing and mechanical design. Felix has a PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University.

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Alexander Bahr, COO

Alexander is an expert in the cooperation and navigation of large groups of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), he has hands on experience with the design, testing and deployment of underwater sensing equipment. Alex has a PhD in Underwater Navigation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Portable underwater robotics is on the cusp of an ocean exploration revolution. Hydromea leads the way with its disruptive technologies that have already been deployed at over 4’000m depth in the Pacific, under ice in Russia and in a number of subsea construction jobs in the North Sea.
Are you passionate about exploring the ocean? Touched about saving lives? Excited to be part of the team that brings the world’s first wireless underwater drone into the world?
Join us in breaking boundaries in autonomous robotics and wireless communication in the subsea world.

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