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Hydromea Breaks Barriers: LUMA Wireless Modems Certified for Unprecedented Depth in the Ocean

LUMA X-UV certified to 12km oceanic depth

Swiss-based autonomous underwater robotics company, Hydromea, has achieved a groundbreaking validation for its underwater optical modems, LUMA X-UV, in Germany's Nautilus lab. With a remarkable certification at 1200 bar of pressure, equivalent to depth of 12,000 meters in the ocean, Hydromea's LUMA X-UV modems have surpassed previous limits.

The Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth measuring 10,994 meters, has been an immensely challenging destination to explore due to extreme pressure reaching 1100 bar. Very few expeditions have dared to venture to these depths, limited by the scarcity of suitable equipment. Recognising this need, one of Hydromea's customers, preparing for the upcoming Mariana Trench expedition, requested the company to pressure-test their LUMA X-UV wireless optical modems.

Acknowledging the unforgiving nature of the underwater environment, Igor Martin, the CEO of Hydromea, said, "Oceans remain one of the most unexplored places on our planet due to their extreme conditions. At Hydromea, we are committed to changing that narrative by developing technology that thrives in the harshest underwater environments. Our LUMA X products enable unparalleled high-bandwidth near-range wireless connectivity underwater, extending to the full depths of Earth's oceans. By doing so, we provide research teams and the offshore energy industry with new means to communicate with sensors and collect data at lightning speed."

Martin further emphasised, "The compact form factor of our LUMA X modems, comparable to a soda can, allows for effortless integration into any underwater equipment. We eagerly anticipate witnessing our Swiss-made LUMA modems helping the scientists to uncover secrets of Mariana Trench soon."

Hydromea's groundbreaking achievement marks a significant leap forward in the exploration and connectivity of the underwater world. With their rugged and cutting-edge technology, the company continues to redefine the limits of oceanic exploration, paving the way for new discoveries and advancements in various industries.

Hydromea is a Swiss-based underwater robotics and communication company delivering solutions that allow customers to have unparalleled access to subsea data and underwater assets. Visit for more information.


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