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Automating remote
inspection and monitoring
of submerged assets


The world's first wireless ROV

EXRAY ROV transparent.png

Fast underwater
wireless communication

New Project (21).png

The world's
thinnest thrusters


underwater swarm

New Project (34).png

Cut the Cord. Together with us.


The very first and significant step towards freedom is to cut any physical attachment. When a human comes into this world, we literally CUT THE CORD - the umbilical that connects a child to the mother, to enable the individual journey and her freedom.

At Hydromea, we believe that the restrictive underwater robotics space requires a paradigm shift to help the rapidly growing Ocean Economy become greener, more sustainable agent on our planet and at a price point that is affordable and scalable.

We are convinced that investing in hardware and software technologies that allow us to CUT THE CORD is the necessary and much awaited step towards this direction. With that, we disrupt the underwater inspection and monitoring market, making it significantly more efficient and affordable, enabling unprecedented access to submerged assets, never available before. Join us and be a part of the underwater robotics revolution!

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