EXRAY™ – the first-ever tether-less underwater drone specially built for infrastructure-rich confined flooded spaces.

EXRAY™ drone is capable of taking 360-degree HD quality scans of the interior structures and take wall thickness measurements to deliver a consistent and comprehensive class inspection report time after time within complex flooded confined spaces.

With EXRAY™, asset operators will be able to replace manned entry for inspections of complex flooded spaces and save time and cost on the preparation to such manned entry: no need for draining, drying and ventilating anymore. No need to put scaffolding.

In the shipping industry, the vessel operators would be able to perform inspections of ballast water tanks prior to dry docking, which will significantly improve the economics of maintenance and repair of the vessel while in a dry dock.


360-degree HD quality scans of internal structures

6 degrees of freedom with patented DiskDrive™ thruster technology

HD quality video feed to the operator in real time

Cleaning brush for slime removal

Seamless design and intelligent firmware to ensure the drone is never stuck or lost

Up to 8 hours of autonomy

Semi-autonomous capability

Oil-free system well suited for environments sensitive to contamination

Wall-thickness measurements with an integrated UT sensor


Ballast Water Tanks on Ships/Vessels

Fuel Storage Tanks

Dams & Flooded Caves

Water & Power Plants


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What experts say

“The current ROVs in the market are not built for purpose and are extremely difficult to use in the tanks with infrastructure inside them, such as ballast water tanks. The ROVs get tangled often and it’s not possible to get the entire structure inspected.”

Ross McLeod, Technical Director, Ashtead Technology

“It costs us GBP 175’000 to get a service team into a drained and dried ballast water tank. We often don’t know the condition of the tank before the crew enters it, which makes the cost of inspection and repair high and uncertain.

An Asset Integrity Team Lead, an Oil&Gas Super-Major


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