The world's first wireless ROV



EXRAY™ – the first-ever tether-less underwater drone specially built for infrastructure-rich confined flooded spaces.

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EXRAY™ drone is capable of taking 360-degree HD quality scans of the interior structures and take wall thickness measurements to deliver a consistent and comprehensive class inspection report time after time within complex flooded confined spaces. At the same time, EXRAY™ can be wirelessly controlled and stream live video footage.

With EXRAY™, asset operators will be able to significantly reduce the cost of underwater inspections and extended downtime of assets, as well as eliminate safety risks. This is a perfect ad-hoc tool in cases of emergencies where no time must be wasted.

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Wireless remote control

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Full 6 degrees of freedom

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Hubless thrusters, no tangling

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Live HD video remotely


Gyro-stabilized control

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Cleaning brush for slime removal

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Wall-thickness measurements

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High-definition camera with optical zoom and auto-focus 

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One-man portable

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Up to 6 hours of autonomy

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Seamless design and intelligent firmware to ensure the drone is never stuck or lost 



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