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Ashtead Technology enters into a global partnership with Hydromea

Ashtead Technology enters into a global partnership with Hydromea

International subsea equipment solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has entered into a global rental partnership with Switzerland-based Hydromea, the innovative subsea wireless access provider.

Under the deal, Ashtead Technology will actively promote and use Hydromea’s LUMA™ high-speed through-water wireless optical modems as an integral part of its AMS+ and DMS (Autonomous & Deflection Monitoring Systems) for the global subsea construction market. Hydromea will benefit from Ashtead Technology’s extensive sales and distribution network including facilities in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Halifax, Houston and Singapore.

Hydromea is pioneering scalable wireless subsea access with its high-speed underwater communication devices under the LUMA™ brand. The LUMA™ products are the smallest, lightest, lowest power consuming optical modems that provide high-speed and high-bandwidth wireless communication at depths of up to 6,000 meters with remarkably low latency.

David Mair, Ashtead Technology’s Business Development Director, said: “This global rental partnership strengthens the group’s position, creating a bespoke, more competitive offering, while reinforcing our position as a leader in the provision of advanced subsea monitoring solutions. Our customers will now have access to a technology from a leading innovator in subsea wireless data transfer solutions.

“Adding Hydromea’s wireless optical modems to our existing capabilities means we can now offer a more efficient monitoring package during offshore construction projects, allowing our customers to further reduce project complexity, driving down overall project costs.”

Ross McLeod, Ashtead Technology’s Technical Director, added: “We have been using LUMA™ modems on construction projects over the past 2 years and we were very pleased with the functionality and ease of integration of the devices into our existing systems. All our clients who had a chance to work with our monitoring systems equipped with LUMA™, were duly impressed with its capabilities.

“The LUMA™ modems contribute to improved accuracy and speed, which is tremendous value during complex construction projects. We will now roll out the LUMA™ technology into our global construction and O&M projects and it will become one of the key differentiators in our subsea monitoring and positioning systems.”

Igor Martin, CEO of Hydromea, said “We are pleased and excited about extending our partnership with Ashtead Technology to the global subsea construction market. Ashtead Technology hold a world-leading position in providing offshore equipment solutions, and we regard this partnership as a joining of forces to bring our innovative proprietary technology to the market and drive greater customer adoption. We are honored to be part of Ashtead Technology’s monitoring offering to support operators in reducing risks and costs associated with complex subsea construction and O&M projects.”

Founded in 2014, Hydromea is a Swiss-based autonomous underwater robotics company delivering solutions that allow customers to have unparalleled access to subsea data and underwater assets. The company focuses on the development of affordable, autonomous, and miniaturised devices that can be used at any ocean depth for unprecedented data access.

Established in 1985, Ashtead Technology has grown organically and through strategic acquisition to become the leading provider of equipment rental solutions, advanced underwater technologies, and support services to the global energy sector.

The company employs more than 200 people and services its customers from nine facilities located in key offshore energy hubs including Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Broussard, Halifax, Houma, Houston, Inverurie, London and Singapore.

Igor Martin (left), Hydromea CEO and David Mair (right), Ashtead Technology Business Development Director


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