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Hydromea and Air Control Entech sign a service partnership agreement

Hydromea, a Swiss underwater robotics company and Air Control Entech (ACE), a Scotland-based certified remote technology specialist, enter into a service partnership agreement to commercialize EXRAY™, the world’s first wireless ROV (remotely-operated underwater vehicle), for inspections at offshore floating platforms.

Alexander Bahr, Hydromea COO, and Keiran Hope, ACE COO, shake hands on service partnership with EXRAY™ wireless ROV in the center

Under the deal, ACE will actively promote and use Hydromea’s innovative EXRAY™ wireless ROV for inspections of ballast water tanks at FPSOs (floating production storage and offloading) platforms in the North Sea and Latin American markets. Hydromea will benefit from ACE’s certified offshore inspection team, as well as existing and new service contracts.

Patent-pending EXRAY™ wireless ROV takes the underwater inspection technology one step further enabling the inspections of complex and dangerous flooded spaces more affordable and faster for asset operators. Hydromea achieves this by eliminating a tether between a pilot and an inspection vehicle. This brings a significant improvement in the dexterity of the vehicle and eliminates the risk of entanglement during an inspection mission of a complex submerged infrastructure. EXRAY™ was developed with the support of Net Zero Technology Centre in Scotland and TotalEnergies UK.

Alexander Bahr, co-founder and COO of Hydromea, says: “We have chosen to work with ACE in the offshore market segment because we feel the team has the right level of ambition and market intelligence. ACE is not just a service company, their team started off and continues as a bespoke robotics company, breaking boundaries in what’s possible. We look forward to working together with ACE on delivering more cost effective, efficient and safer asset integrity inspections, by replacing or reducing the amount of time personnel are placed within hazardous environments to carry out critical inspections with cutting-edge robotics.”

Kieran Hope, co-founder and COO of ACE, adds: “This partnership strengthens ACE’s position in the class accredited remote inspection space, creating a bespoke, more competitive offering, while reinforcing our position as a leader in the provision and creation of innovating robotic solutions in the offshore inspection market. Hydromea’s EXRAY™ wireless ROV is a true paradigm shift in underwater robotics and we are honored to be the first company taking it to our clients.”

Roger Esson, Head of Industry & Partner Network at NZTC, says: “It is great to see two technology companies, both supported by NZTC, joining forces to expand their services into new areas of the ROV market. It is this type of collaboration that will accelerate the use of the technologies required to deliver our net zero ambitions.”

Founded in 2014, Hydromea is a Swiss-based underwater robotics company helping its customers to have unparalleled underwater data connectivity and efficient remote inspection access to submerged assets.

Founded in 2016, ACE is a Scotland-based certified remote technology specialist, delivering solutions to many inspection challenges in the offshore energy space.


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