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Hydromea shapes the future of the energy sector with Equinor

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and Equinor partnered for a business acceleration event in Oslo, Norway. Hydromea was one of the companies selected to pitch and engage in in-depth discussions with Equinor corporate representatives and investors.

On 29 January 2019, Hydromea pitched its solutions for subsea data access to top Equinor representatives and had the chance to deliver a detailed presentation in an exploratory one-to-one meeting with Equinor stakeholders and investors.

Speaking about the event, Kristin Aamodt, Managing Director at Equinor Technology Ventures, detailed its context and relevance: “For a start-up or SME it’s critical to get early feedback from a potential customer like Equinor. For Equinor, it enables us to tap into the most interesting innovations in the energy sector in Europe right now.”

Bjørn Kåre Viken, Vice President for Technology Collaboration at Equinor, outlined the enthusiasm and diversity of the companies he met: “I really liked the passion and the variety of ideas presented. Equinor is facing challenges today and will face new challenges tomorrow. It’s important for us to really get these good ideas and to see how we can implement them in our organization.”

We were very happy to be selected for this event. It gave us a great opportunity to pitch our sub-sea data access technology which is critical for increasing safety and reducing cost on underwater oil & gas installations. Igor Martin, CEO Hydromea

This was the first EIC Corporate Day of 2019, following 15 successful initiatives which since 2017 have matched over 300 companies backed by the EIC pilot funding programs with some of Europe’s largest corporates.


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